Under the This is db umbrella, db journals are able to offer the whole package end to end. From design, typesetting, printing all the way to despatch, advertising, exhibition material…the list is endless and all under one umbrella to provide our clients with a seamless journey from start to finish. Or, if you prefer, we also offer more of a pick and mix service where you choose as little or as much of our service as you like. Journal owners, editors and authors will benefit from having all software tools and key services in one place. As customer service is of utmost importance to all of the db team and we are available to email or chat at any stage of your project.

Our wide range of services include: 

  • Design: Our designers love to get their teeth into a challenge and are experienced in designing journal covers and spreads so if it’s a brand new concept you wish to develop or an existing journal which requires a new lease of life let us know! 
  • Translation
  • Typesetting & proof reading
  • Editorial system (Submission and peer review system). All db journals are hosted on the Editorial System Publishing Platform which is a simple to use, bespoke system catering for all submission needs for authors, reviewers and editors
  • Production of articles including correspondence with authors and editors with queries and corrections etc
  • Printing (Journal Issues, reprints of articles)
  • Online publishing
  • Entry into PubMed database
  • Creation of DOI numbers and sourcing ISSN numbers
  • Mailing – despatching copies to subscribers, freight forwarders and subscription agencies
  • Subscription Management – we currently manage subscriptions which includes collection of fees, record of subscriber details, query answering and resolution, setting up online access for individual or institution, technical support.

and the list goes on….

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